Hello there,

I am Renee, 

Why Wholehearted? I came across this word whilst reading Brene Brown book. I had been searching, thinking and asking about a name for my website and the second I saw the word "wholehearted" I knew it was the one. It literally stands for everything I do and want to continue to do. I don't see the point in doing something half heartedly. Whether that be a relationship, a job, a painting, event, birthday. Life is genuinely too short. Go crazy, make your mark. I will continue to do the best I can to create a life that is filled with wholehearted passion and enthusiasm. Ask my friends, bosses, colleagues. They will be the first to know that I don't give anything half a go. 

I got my degree in media and journalism and whilst I fell into social media and food blogging, my passion really lies in performance and story telling.

 I started off as a vegetarian back in 2015 and decided to test out veganism for month after an Instagram blogger "nourishnotpunish" questioned whether I had considered it. Since then I haven't looked back and I am forever thankful for the life I live and importantly the people i have met along the way. 

My friends often describe me as "crazy", but I am totally okay with that. I live an incredibly busy and somewhat chaotic lifestyle but it works for me. I have a huge amount of passion for other people and I cherish all my friendships.

This site is a space to share a piece of me with you and I invite you along on my journey.

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change".
-Brené Brown

So here I am, being vulnerable and putting myself out there for the world to see. I intend to be as raw and honest as possible, where possible.