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This Is Why I Went Vegan

People always ask me where I get my protein from? So instead of answering that, I am going to tell you why I went vegan and instead what it has done for me.

I originally went vegetarian back in 2012 as a trial period. I wasn't eating a lot of meat to begin with but didn't feel good about myself or what I was doing to animals.

It made no sense that I absolutely adored my pets at home but happily consumed animals that belonged to someone else's family. 

A few years later I was approached by a blogger online who suggest i took vegetarian a step further and tried being vegan. Putting my own needs first I laughed and thought I could never go without cheese, but what I soon realized is that their isn't one thing omni's have that vegans can't. 

I trialled it for a month and fell in love with cooking, exploring new recipes, talking about it, feeling better, looking better and most importantly I felt passionate. 

I always say to people "How are you mean't to feel alive, when you are eating something that is dead?". 

Think  about it....

Since going vegan I have started a business, made friends, made networks, met some incredibly inspiring people, understand the power of plants, have saved so many animals lives and feel amazing. I have not one single regret and each week I get people contacting me about going vegan or asking questions. Those small moments are when I win the most. 


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